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A Little About us:

We have both grown up with collies in our families and has also chosen the collie as our companion as adults. We have attended obedience training and agility but since 2006 we have joined the dog shows as well. We want and enjoy the kind attitude and temperament which the collies are known to have (kind, gentle and elegant).

The dogs live together with us in our house as family dogs on a rather large property just outside Hjortshøj with plenty of room for the dogs to play. They have 3-5 fenced-in areas with hills, small woods and with a lake and plenty of trees.

It’s our dream to contribute to breed healthy classical collies, for which reason we participate in seminars, the education to become a breeder, practice to show our dogs in the ring and of course attend a lot of dog shows. We've accomplished “The breeder education” in  2008/09.

In 2016 we finally had our first litter and are looking forward to more to come.


Our puppies are born in the living room which is also where they primarily are staying so they get used to the noises from vacuum cleaner and dish washer etc..

Before leaving for their new home our puppies are de-wormed and have their first vaccination. Furthermore they get their eyes checked and undergoes a general health check at the vet.

The puppies leaves with:

  • DKK pedigree (FCI)
  • A small bag of puppy food for the first few days
  • A small carpet (smells of mom and siblings)
  • Puppy toy
  • Collar and leach
  • Brush and comb
  • A small bottle with shampoo for puppies
  • A folder with information and tips regarding upbringing, feeding and training